Can you help us care for the raptors?


Can you help the birds? Donations of any of these items help us do a better job of caring for the hawks and owls we are charged with protecting.  Please go to the Contact Us page and send us an email message.  If you can help by donating please go to the Donation Page.

  • Black landscaping plastic that our Eagle Scout candidate can use for creating our first tree rows on the new land.
  • Shovels and work gloves for the Boy Scouts who will help plant the trees.
  • Dish towels that you are ready to throw out. We don’t care if they are stained. They will be reused as rehab towels.
  • Heating pad, for warming cold, sick or injured birds in the winter.
  • Pedialyte, plain (not flavored). This is excellent supportive care fluid for emaciated birds.
  • Gauze – rolls
  • Gauze  2×2” pads
  • Vet wrap
  • Saline solution, in squeeze bottles (like you would use with contact lenses)
  • Alcohol wipe packets
  • Rolls of masking tape
  • AAA batteries for head lamps, used when on night hour bird rescue
  • A heavy duty pair of kitchen shears, for prepping bird food
  • postage stamps
  • foldover sandwich bags
  • #8 X 2 1/2″  torx head deck screws
  • Ream of white paper  20# bond
  • 1 gallon of spar varnish for treating mews and cages


Updated 5/8/17