Owl Pellets


There are parts of a raptor’s meal that are indigestible. Fur. Feathers. Bones. In the bodies of the daytime (diurnal) hunters, the bones are broken down for the calcium and mineral content. In the owls, bones are not used in this way. And they come out of the owl as a pellet – vomit. The most astounding thing about pellets is that the bird shifts the contents around inside their body, getting sharp ends and edges tucked inside the mass to be regurgitated, and the raptor’s throat does not get scraped or cut by the end of a bone or a feather! WOW.

If you break open an owl pellet, you can dissect the bones and see what the owl has been eating.
We sell the pellets created by our owl, Soren. They are packed with bones from mice, rats, pheasants, chickens, or rabbits.
This is great science fun for all ages!

Sold in a group of 12. Price of $22.00 includes shipping and handling.

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