Donate to our Peregrine Falcon Fund

Please Donate to our Peregrine Falcon Fund   Falcons are famous for their speed, and among falcons, one species is a superstar: the peregrine falcon. They are the fastest animal on the planet, going upwards of 200 miles per hour in head-first dives after prey....

Buy a Rat for a Rat!

We understood two things…that sometimes we are not allowed to publicly say how we really feel about a person who has wronged us. And yet, the need for a bit of gentle revenge felt…OOOHHH…SO GOOD. The second thing we understand is that predatory...

New BHRC Shirts!

Want something to wear that shares your love of raptors? Want to support the efforts to build a state of the art facility in western South Dakota? Presenting: NEW BHRC shirts! Designed by volunteer Audra Van Ekeren, and printed as a fundraiser through

Fundraiser Thank You

We so appreciate your support for the Black Hills Raptor Center (BHRC)! With your help, birds of prey that are injured will once again be able to fly free.