Golden Eagle

Update on golden eagle rescued Tuesday and transported to Pierre Wednesday. Bird most likely hit by vehicle. The eye issues are grave. Bird is on oral antibiotics and eye drops. No x-rays taken yet. those will be done sometime next week if the bird starts to show...

Meet Aldo

Aldo was hatched this spring near the town of Tabor, SD. Somehow he ended up on the ground, just before the April 10 blizzard. The ranch family brought him to the barn for shelter. Despite their best efforts to not have the bird associate people and food, the owlet...

Black Hills Raptor Center News

Silent Flight Our ability to do programs may be limited, but our passion for raptors is not! During the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have postponed large events which included our raptor education programs. This is a great way to protect our community. Birds...

New BHRC Shirts!

Want something to wear that shares your love of raptors? Want to support the efforts to build a state of the art facility in western South Dakota? Presenting: NEW BHRC shirts! Designed by volunteer Audra Van Ekeren, and printed as a fundraiser through

Fundraiser Thank You

We so appreciate your support for the Black Hills Raptor Center (BHRC)! With your help, birds of prey that are injured will once again be able to fly free.