South Dakota’s infamous wind is blowing us out of 2011 and in to Elise winter resized for web2012. The forecasters were correct on this prediction. It has been windy for 16 hours and not likely to let up until way past dark.

I study the birds and how they handle today’s wind gusts. Elise and Icarus remain out on their favorite perches. They both have easy access to their own private jump box that provides an excellent wind break. They choose to remain buffeted by the gusts.

Their primarly wing and tail feathers flutter in the wind. Icarus is preferring to keep his ear turfts flat today. Other than looking very puffed out because they are holding their feathers apart thereby trapping air for insulation, the appearance of both birds would make you believe it is a lovely spring day with 50 degree temps and bright sunshine. I am envious of their non-chalance as I pull my mittens back over my trembling hands.

Boo is the only one of the three outdoor birds that is making use of his wind block. He is hunkered down in his “mailbox” shelter, poking his head out.

From the birds and their human caretakers, we wish you the best that a new year can offer Here is to 2012!