We had the pleasure of visiting Ms. Renner’s 4th graders on Friday Screech owl cropped for webthe 11th. For the last period of the school day. On the last day of the school week. It was a recipe for disaster. What a superb class of students! Each student had selected one of the 4 species of birds in our group of avian ambassadors as the focus of a research paper. They had produced artwork of the birds. And they had prepared GREAT questions for us! This is a remarkable classroom. Outside the window is a large old juniper. The birds that are observed in the tree are recorded on a chart in the classroom. There are bird books about, and bird posters on the walls. Birds are used a way to get these students excited about science, observation, math, reading and communication. WOW. What a neat place to go to school!! Thanks to this great group of youngsters, we were able to put $41.50 in the bird food bank account. This is enough money to buy food for about a week. We are so grateful to the Wilson Elem 4th graders for their generosity. We hope to go back again soon.