Her name is Dr. Helene Van Doninck and she has a raptor bald-eagle89rehabilitation clinic in Nova Scotia, Canada.  She works with quite a few eagles every year and has developed quite a touch for caring for these majestic raptors. Over the years, many eagles have come in exhibiting neurological issues related to lead poisoning.  Sadly, much of this lead poisoning can be traced back to us hunters and the ammunition we have used in the past.  Even the smallest traces of lead in their diet can cause permanent damage, if not death.

Dr. Helene will be addressing the state convention of the South Dakota Wildlife Federation at the Outdoor Campus West, here in Rapid City, on Saturday, September 7th at 1:00 p.m.  This is open to the public and best of all there is no charge.  Dr. Helene has spoken to a number of conservation oriented groups including hunting and fishing clubs regarding this issue.  Come and hear about the efforts of rehabilitators and hunters working together to protect our national symbol!