“Braveheart”, as this eagle has been nicknamed, is doing well. Dr. Virginia Trexler-Myron tells me that releasing these birds in the winter is a bit more tricky than in the summer. For one thing, she has to watch the weather forecasts…well, like a hawk!

The first criteria is weather. It’s not helpful to the bird to be released just as a blizzard comes blowing in! Then she needs to take into account the condition of the bird and how it has eaten in the prior days. Is the bird well fed and feeling strong? And lastly, how did the bird feed that very morning? Just like sending the kids off to school, you want them going out with a good breakfast in them. This way the bird is fattened up and can spend the first day just acclimating to the release site instead of desperately seeking nutrition.

With all these criteria, it is all but impossible to coordinate releasing the bird back here in Rapid City. Dr. Virginia states the bird will probably be released very soon in the Fort Pierre Grasslands area. What a wonderful success story. Thanks Dr. Trexler-Myron and everyone at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic!!