The miserable heat is topping 100 degrees each day. The mews for imagesCA470WYRIcarus and Elise face east, so they take some pretty strong morning sun. This is great in the winter, but dreadful in one of these heat waves.

We had ordered two sun shades in mid-June. Some fantastic donations from supporters made this purchase possible. We waited three long weeks, and then I had to call and find out what had happened. That cage rattling got the shades here pronto!

With help from Cheryl Ulvestad, good friend from Sioux Falls, we got them up on Sunday morning. They are making a big difference already. The thermometer in Icarus’ mew didn’t get to 100 degrees either Sunday or Monday.

Ice blocks for the birds to stand on are also being added each day. We can hardly wait for this hot spell to be done