We weren’t sure what to expect this spring in terms of Elise’s Elise sticks 2 2011 cropped and resized for webbehaviors. In the past she has gotten quite aggressive and broody. Her imprinted psyche informs her that it is breeding season, and humans are the correct creatures with which to breed.

We hoped that her change of home from Reptile Gardens to the BH Raptor Center would make a difference, but we weren’t counting on anything. Each day John and I commented to one another how we felt like we were escaping the “wrath of Elise” we had so often experienced in the past.

The first day we found her being broody was a school program day. She laid down in her crate after her part of the program was complete, and she wasn’t interested in getting on her feet. It scared us both. When we got her crate to the vehicle she was standing and all seemed fine. At home she was interested in rearranging her jesses and leash before laying on top of them keel down.

John found a small stick and offered it to her. She grabbed it with her beak and set it in the bottom of her jump box. This went on for 5 sticks. The next day we offered her more sticks. She prefers the sticks offered by John to my sticks. We can’t see any diference, so we did an experiment after a mew scrubbing.

A stick we knew she had accepted from John previously was offered by me. She was disinterested. Ah-hah. She is definitely selecting his gifts over mine. Could it be based on gender??? It seems far fetched, but leaves us wondering.

Her attitude remains positive and almost cheery. She is not grabby or “footy” and is easy to get along with. If needing to move a few sticks every day to clean is all it takes to keep her easy to get along with, I am delighted to move and scrub them for her.