As if Elise’s eggs weren’t enough, we just got word this morning that the United States Fish & Wildlife Service has approved the transfer of a rough legged hawk from a rehabilitation facility in Cody, WY to our organization!

Remember that fundraiser last year that so many you you generously gave towards? Well, it built a wonderful enclosure for the bird (big thanks to John Wrede for the labor and expertise).

It has put money in the bank to pay for this bird’s feeding for a year. And now it is going to cover the expense of driving over to Cody and back to pick up the bird. When we budgeted for the fundraiser, we expected to have to bring the bird in on an airline flight. So we budgeted a little high. The savings is sure helpful.

When we started this venture we understood that things are tight financially, donations are not to be squandered needlessly. We continue to be an all volunteer operation and if you will pardon the pun, we watch expenses like a hawk! We hope to have photos posted in here on Monday. I’ve seen several pictures of this bird and she’s got “it”, you can hardly take your eyes off her!