A repost from the morning of April 16:teddy2 resized for blog
Oh my, what a lovely, lovely bird. She is astonishingly beautiful. This photo was taken by Susan Ahalt of Ironsides Bird Rescue in Cody WY some time ago. But at least all of you can see her.

John got to my house at about 8:30 on Sunday night. Thank you Isaac Grassel for going with John to Cody this weekend! You made it an extra fun trip for him.

Last night we brought her in the house, body grabbed her, hooded her and added the jesses, swiivel and leash to her new anklets. We put her and some dinner in her jump box and attached her to her perches. She can freely move between bow perch out front and jump box for shelter.

This morning at 6:15 she was perched calmly on her bow perch. We want to give her a couple days to get accustomed to her surroundings and the new leg gear before we begin the process of training.