For the second year we have traveled to Jamestown, ND to present ???????????????????????????????our programs at their annual Outdoor Sports and Recreation Show. Last year was a blast, this year was much the same. Again this year, two local Jamestown businesses funded our program, Grabinger Marine and Gun & Reel.

Tanea Clocksene, the general manager of Two Rivers Broadcasting, took over running this show several years ago. Her goal was to bring in whole families and she was looking for a “draw”. Somehow she found us and the rest is history.

This year we provided 5 formal programs and answered hundreds of informal questions. Between programs we were able to offer a slide show of wonderful outdoor photos courtesy of Les Voorhis of Focus West Gallery, Spearfish SD.

We did our best to entertain ourselves on the drive up and back by competing to spot raptors. Winter seasonal raptors seen include three snowy owls, a gyrfalcon, and lots of rough legged hawks. Quite a number of red-tailed hawks were seen, as well as a wonderful great horned owl, and several bald eagles.

What a ride! A big thank you to Tanea, Two Rivers Broadcasting, and everyone in Jamestown for their wonderful hospitality.