Here she is! Our newest avian ambassador, Little Red Riding Hoot, ???????????????????????????????arrived from Louisville KY on January 9th. Her adjustment time to South Dakota was long and complicated. We are so glad to share that she finally began eating, grew accustomed to her new quarters, and went in to program training.
She made her program debut on March 6 at Fountain Springs Health Care Center, and then almost immediately traveled to Valley City, ND for their annual Winter Show. She was a HIT!
Little Red’s left eye is not functioning correctly, likely due to brain damage from some sort of trauma. She does not see well up close, but sees much better about 4 feet from her eyes and at further distances. She cannot be released in to the wild.  The Black Hills Raptor Center is pleased to be able provide a safe home for this bird for the rest of her natural life.
Special thanks to Raptor Rehabilitation of KY, Inc for rescuing Little Red, Greg & Cindy Poulain of Black Hills Parrot Welfare & Education Center, Becky Leas and Rick Summerville, and Dr. Steve Roberts, DVM of the Animal Eye Center, Loveland, CO. Your support of Little Red means the world, to us and to Little Red.