Following the instructions of Dr. Trexler-Myren in Pierre, the golden eagle was force-fed pieces of raw tenderized steak late yesterday afternoon. She wanted the bird to have a “low diet”, meaning easy to digest, rich in calories, with no feather or bone that would cause the bird to create a casting pellet.

The eagle has rested in a box in my guest room with the lights off and the door closed. I have only been in to check on it twice; once about 1.5 hours after feeding, and the second before bed.

Obviously it is gaining strength, because I just heard the box get shoved forcefully against the wall of the bedroom! Fiesty is a very good sign.

GFP does not have staff to transport the bird today, so John will make the trip to Pierre. To have the best chance of flying free again, the wing needs to be examined as quickly as possible. We will keep you updated.