Gifts for Wildlife & Habitat Enthusiasts!

(and people who have everything)

Give a gift of native trees and shrubs, and help the Black Hills Raptor Center provide wildlife habitat in its 5 row tree belt.

This year’s trees and shrubs being purchased are:
• Cottonwood
• Hackberry
• Locust
• Currant
• Buffaloberry
• Sumac
• Wild plum
• Sandcherry
• Chokecherry

Gifts start at $25, and include 5 seedlings from the Pennington County Conservation District; weed barrier; and deer/rabbit fencing.

Why native species? They can tolerate our intense South Dakota weather variations. They provide excellent wildlife food and nesting cover. Plus, we do not have to worry about any of them becoming invasive, choking out other species.

Choose between planting yourself in spring 2021 (the date depends on when the trees & shrub seedlings are delivered to Rapid City), or having volunteers plant for you.

The best part of this: you will be able to see your gift growing and benefiting all kinds of wildlife over many years!


Wildlife Tree Purchase25.00
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